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How We Protect Our Environment ?
The survival of the natural world on which we live , in which the rational and prudent use of natural resources is common wish giderekinsanlığın .
Degradation and pollution of the natural balance of our planet ; development , industrialization should not be the price .
Reason for thinking that we live in a time when people in the environment than to be confronted with the problem of pollution lies in the question . ' Thinking that you 're gonna do nothing SMALL ' does not want to fall into such an error , become a sorry world we live in , and to do things the way we want to fix the point of his deteriorating health, Initiate a campaign by applying together is written below . * liquid and stagnant water, human and animal residues and kirletilmemeyelim
* Accumulated debris immediately raise ,
* Pest animals , especially insects , flies and mosquitoes reproduce investigate ways engellleyen blooms ,
* Notify the sewer pipes bursts immediately concerned ,
Sağlayalım.Böylece complete combustion of fuels and energy loss * , as well as we can prevent air pollution .

* According to our laws pollution of the natural environment is a crime. Perpetrators of this crime shall be punished by a fine or imprisonment .
* The natural environment around us . We retains the nature of the environment also protects us . Air, water , soil chemical residues involved in affecting the environment . The proliferation of these residues disrupt human health . In short, environmental issues , an issue closely related to sağlımızla .
* Do not pollute the place where we are . Is our duty to protect the beauty of the natural environment .
* Work and efforts undertaken in this regard join .
* The air we breathe , the water we drink and use , of where we want to be clean Let environment against contamination .
* Sağlımıza preserve the natural environment to live in a suitable environment .
* Develop the habit of re-use* If the recovery effort , the effort to launch such an effort to convince neighbors and relations , let* Ozone -depleting carbon not take the boxes .* Paper towels , not cloth towels to use.* Our dishes are not storing the plastic , waxed papers to use.

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