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Life is a hard way to walk. On this way, friends hold our hands and do not let us fall down. That’s why choosing friend is very important. It is not easy to find real friends but once we find them keeping them is also important.
Most people do not apperceive the value of friendship. Friendship is not only having fun together. Real friends are always with us while we are having problems in our life. They try to help us and share our sorrow. Sometimes, we can need a friend just to sit in silence with us. Feeling him/her is just enough. These are the most valuable moments in our life.One who has real friends can never be alone in life and his/her life gets better, meaningful and colorful with friends. I wish everyone to find the real friendship.
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  • bella57 kullanıcısının avatarı He was born in Thessaloniki in 1881 . Education and secondary education as a student in the first part of the military was in Thessaloniki . The monastery in bitirdi.1902 Military Academy Military High School in 1905, graduated from the Military Academy oldu.Orduda various tasks. Militer Attaché in Sofia in 1913 , respectively.

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  • bella57 kullanıcısının avatarı During the First World War , Canakkale Battles , the building served as the Division Commander . Since 1916 , the Eastern and Southern Command of the Army Corps and left fronts . Recover from enemy invasion forces in charge of the Bitlis and Mush . Palestinian and Syrian fronts took part .Bella57
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  • bella57 kullanıcısının avatarı After the armistice with the provisions of the Sevres Agreement on the basis of the occupation of the country by foreigners , the last Ottoman Sultan Khan Vahid Anatolia by the Turkish national struggle gönderildi.19 başlattı.Amasya May 1919 Circular to Samsun , Sivas and Erzurum Congresses did . Resign from office by the military in Ankara, Turkey Grand National Assembly on 23 April 1920 did not . Commander in Chief of the Assembly in August 1921 as President of the undertaking seçildi.5 continBella57
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