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Michael Joseph Jackson ( August 29, 1958 , in Gary, Indiana - June 25, 2009; Los Angeles, California ), " King of Pop " is recognized as the legendary African-American singer, musician , composer , songwriter , dancer, and pop star .Jackson was born the seventh of nine children in the family of Michael Jackson, Jackson 5, the group founded by his father in 1964, not yet six years old, were taken music career . Then, Off the Wall (1979 ) , Thriller (1982) , Bad (1987) , Dangerous ( 1991) HIStory (1995) solo albums, selling millions of signing Jackson, gained a great fame and the " King of Pop " (English : King of Pop ) began to be called . Has sold over 140 million albums all over the world . Michael Jackson as the only studio album studio album with the sale of 125 million albums sold worldwide musician of all time . Thriller the best selling album in the world with over 55 million 1 album that , as well as the best-selling in the United States 1 album. The world's best -selling albums have entered the list with five albums list 1 person and Thriller at number one with . Totally its own dance style, dance has brought a new , everybody affected , the world-renowned R & B musicians, dances Michael Jackson figures to see the classic has become , R & B clips of many dance movement, the origin of Michael Jackson belongs to the world's best dancers will be one . [ 3] [4 ] entered the Guinness Book of Records .Michael Jackson, especially in the last few years preceding his death has raised some health problems and scandals . Michael Jackson is the father of three children , a result of a heart attack on his home in Los Angeles on June 25, 2009 was admitted to hospital in a coma , but kurtarılamamıştır . Sanılsada cause of death in heart failure , his autopsy Forensic Medicine Institute in Los Angeles uses a very powerful anesthetic propofol to treat insomnia, the cause of death to be explained. Jackson propofol and sedative lorazepam pills are the major causes of death recorded statement, Jackson's blood midazolam, diazepam , lidocaine and ephedrine drugs have been said . In February 2010, Jackson's personal doctor with murder, the fact that the event şüphenilmekle " of causing accidental death " was charged . This case resulted in çarptırılmasıyla doctor sentenced by court order

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