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hadisenin ingilizce biyografisi

hadisenin ingilizce biyografisi


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Açıkgöz event in 1985 , was born in Belgium . Child, loved to sing , and horseback riding . After studying Economics and Modern Languages ​​, with a passion for music, decided to turn to the biggest . Hadise support of his family and young people had welcomed this notion .Hadise Belgium in 2003, " Popstar" I participated in the competition from the Idool . While I can not name one of the 10 finalists managed to attract the attention of many producers . 2Brains company shortly after the contract offered to the young girl . Event , along with the makers of the Yves Gaillard and Serge Ramaekers entered the studio to begin recording process .
Wants to make music, " urban pop" ( urban pop) describes the form . Names such as Christina Aguilera and Beyonce likes , but at the same time, Prince , Janet Jackson , Tina Turner , Alicia Keys , Toni Braxton has been affected as well as the more experienced names . The biggest dream is to meet with Tina Turner and share the same stage . From Turkey to like Tarkan , " It would be like a dream to do a duet with her ," he says .
Continuing education in the marketing department of Hasselt and five languages ​​( Dutch , French, German , Turkish and English) knows Hadise music devotes most of his spare time . The writing , composing , doing concerts, recording studios , and spends time preparing . In addition to these gymnastics is to maintain the form , you enjoy spending time with friends and siblings .
Rock , soul, and performed in various parts of the world by bringing together different types of music seeks to shape according to his liking Hadise 's first single " Sweat " was called . Yves and Serge Ramaekers Jongen'in wrote the song , which is constructed with 3 different version took place on the shelves . In her piece with a wider audience , from June 2005 " Stir Me Up " was. Singer, version offered a total of 5 " Stir Me Up" took on a positive note in the video clip .
Hadise last January 13, 2006 a new single, " Is not No Love Lost," offered music lovers . In the video clip of the song was filmed in Thailand . On the other hand, "Is not No Love Lost" teklisinde , the song " I'm here, " the Turkish version is called .
Hadise , songwriting , composing , and continues to develop itself . It also offers various concerts in Belgium , Germany, the Netherlands , Poland and even in India, signing agreements to take in the scenery . His name has already started to spread the world . Let's see in the coming years Hadise Christina Aguilera , Jennifer Lopez will pursue all the world like going to see as the star of a popular music ...
Serdar Ortaç'ın Breath album released in summer 2008, the " Enemy" from Ortaç'la duet song .
Represent Turkey in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 on May 16, 2009 "Dum Tek Tek" was the fourth song .
Popstar 's hosted the competition program .
TV show aired in October 2011 , Acun Media new project " Voice Turkey that " sound made ​​jüriliğini contest .
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