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ileride hangi mesleği seçmek isterdiniz ve neden İngilizce bi şekilde acill lütfennnnn
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Why do i want to be a Pilot? I'll tell you why. To me, flying is something you have to have a passion for. Not anyone can say they can't wait for that moment when the wheels leave the ground and you are doing something that man has always dreamed of doing. How many people can say that they wake up somewhere over the Atlantic ocean to the first faint light of dawn to greet them? You have not lived until you have soared off into sunsets you can't even begin to image. Or the feeling of looking out over the world at night from 35,000 feet and seeing the lights of New York, Philadelphia, and Boston all at once. But perhaps the greatest feeling of being a pilot is the absolute freedom you feel. You are on top of YOUR world. The sky IS the limit. And coming in on finals in the last waining moments of the day and knowing that in the morning you get to get up and do it all over again, I can't think of a better job in the world
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