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Aspendos or Belkis Belkis village in the district of Antalya Province in Serik a famous ancient city in the lecture theater.
Aspendos, 8 kilometers east of the town of Serik, Köprüçayı'nın reached the mountainous region, where the plain BC 10. century, was founded by the Achaeans, and is one of the wealthiest cities in the ancient prosperous era. The Theatre A.D. 2. century, was built by the Romans. The city is one big, one small built on two hills.
Pamponrus geographer Strabo and Mela, the city was founded Agruslularca authors. After 1200 BC, the Greek migration to the region has been the source of the name of Aspendos, whereas previous local Anatolian language of the Greeks. On an important trade route that connected the port for river and Köprüçay Aspendos, was one of the cities in every age the desired seizures.
The most important structure of the Aspendos theater. The best of the ancient theaters have korunanarak an open-air theater. This theater scene since Roman theaters in Anatolia with a reach and a solid example of the former. Aspendos'lu architect Zenon, son of Theodorus. Completed in the time of Marcus Aurelius Antonius started building it in Piu (138-164). Theatre, presented the city's native gods and the emperor's family.
Coordinates: 36 56 20 N - 31 10 20 E
Every year, thousands of local and foreign tourists roaming Aspendos. Ancient theater also concerts, events are used to.
I also have a history of a small Aspendos Antique Theatre. Once upon a time the king of Aspendos has a very beautiful daughter everyone wants to get married. Who would you miss the ring for the king's daughter, "Who is our people, our city will give him my daughter if the most useful thing," he announces. On top of that two big building two twin brothers do. One of the city, far away, many challenges through complex paths, aqueducts to bring water and the other is that there is somewhere in the middle voice of a coin is thrown if the upper rows of the best theater in the world, acoustically. King of aqueducts you make after seeing the aqueducts, you want to give your daughter. On top of that the architect of theater plays a game of king Zenon. The king will hear a whisper while visiting the top of the theater: "The King should give me your daughter." Divides a large sword in the king's daughter who admired acoustics, and gives his brothers and sisters.

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