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ı bought a new car.


ı gave my book to my sister.


ı sold my house.

bilal15987 kullanıcısının avatarı Bilal15987 08.01.2013 Teşekkürler (8) Seviye: 1, Oylar: 61

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bend - He bent the branch until it broke. 
break - My boy has broken three windows this week!
buy - Janice bought a new watch last week. 
- Have you caught the flu?
come - We came home earlier yesterday. 
cut - How pieces have you cut?
draw - She drew a beautiful picture in class. 
drink - I was so thirsty I drank two bottles of water.
drive - Have you ever driven across the US? 
eat - We ate lunch early today.
find - Have you found him yet? 
fly - Cheryl flew to Brazil last month.
forget - Have you forgotten (forgot - UK) you had an appointment? 
give - They gave us an early appointment.
go - Have you ever gone on vacation alone? 
grow - She grew up very poor.
have - I had some toast for breakfast.
hit - He's hit me three times!
hold - She held on tightly and entered the tunnel.
keep - Have you kept your word to Peter?
know - I knew that once ... 
learn - Have you learnt (learned) anything yet?
leave - We left the book at home. 

dierctioner55begüm kullanıcısının avatarı Dierctioner55begüm 08.01.2013 Teşekkürler (52)

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