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Sketches-2: REAL wealth is health
TEACHER: Çocuklaar! Picnic ended. I need to rush to the school to be getting dark ... Pack it up.
ALI: We are willing to teach.
TEACHER: Come on, We're going back to the way we came ...
PARENTS: My teacher look at that! How beautiful this place is a mansion ...
TEACHER: Oh! Gerçekteeen! This is a great home! I wonder who you guys?
CAN: I do not know .... But the son of the owner of the house if I wish ...
CAN: Why? Look overlooking the strait, feed green garden, this is an extraordinary home.
Who knows what's in there.
TEACHER: What would you do if you were the son of the owner of the house you?
CAN: We'd invite you to my house.
ALI: What happens if a teacher is a garden of that house let's go.
TEACHER: Why are you, but you're late for kids.
PARENTS: What happens when a teacher! Just go out back.
TEACHER: Not without permission. Let's see who's in there?
ALI: There's a woman out there see the teacher.
TEACHER: Yes, I did. Whoa! Excuse me?
Caregiver: Here you are, what you wanted?
TEACHER: I'll have! I am a teacher. In these Silver Elementary School students. A class here
We came for a picnic. Way back to the lodge we saw it. We wondered who it belongs to. This pavilion
I wonder who?
Caregiver: This mansion belongs to the people of our country's rich.
CAN: My teacher has a child there. Sitting in a wheelchair.
Caregiver: get him over here for a minute.
ALI: Oh! Children's sick, I think.
Caregiver: This kid is the son of the owner of this mansion. As you can see in a wheelchair.
I was his babysitter.
TEACHER: Oh! So, this child, this mansion owner's son ha .. Guys! At first "I wish this
If I were the son of the owner of the mansion. "Who said?
CAN: Well I was the teacher ...
TEACHER: Now, what do you think?
CAN: er, I do not know what to say ...
TEACHER: Look, guys, think of wealth to have everything in terms of goods and assets, such as
not. Real wealth is gönülle. If you are your soul is full of peace the world's most
means a person of the rich.
ALI: What do you mean teacher.
PARENT: What do you mean that your heart is filled with peace of mind teacher.
CAN: What is the real wealth of a teacher?
TEACHER: Children, all of you, in fact billionaire. For example, you kids, I 100 billion
they provide satarmısın eyes?
ALI.-No, I definitely do not sell. My eyes are of no money, what do I do then?
TEACHER: What are you sell $ 100 billion in the heart?
ALI: teacher Is that okay? How would I live without my heart?
Would you sell 500 billion ten-foot pole attachment, a foot TEACHER?
PARENT: No ...
Will you sell an arm attachment 500 billion TEACHER?
Yelin: No ...
TEACHER: Organ As you can see, even though none of you even do not you sell billions money. This means that the value of these organs too much. For example, a person who is about to die very, very rich, a little bit more in order to live Would you be willing to give all his wealth. So the important thing anlıyacağınız health. Health and peace of mind! There are nice people that swim in wealth, but unhappy!
CAN: Thank you, teacher. You showed me what true wealth.
So that I insanmışım very, very rich.

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