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Title:White death
Author: Tim Vicary
Genre: Mistery
Summary of Content
Main characters: (name and short description)
Sarah Harland is nineteen and she is in the prison. She is a tallgirlwith blue eyes.
At the airport,they find heroin in her bag. So, now she is waiting to go to court.
If the court decides that itwas her heroin, then she must die.
Only two people can help Sarah: her mother and an old boyfriend who does not love her
Sarah´s mother is an English woman, she is tall,about fiftyyears old, whitblue eyes.
She visited her daughter to the prison to help her.
After that she met Inspector Aziz. He was who arrest her daughter few days ago.
Inspector Aziz is a big man, about fifty-five years old, whitbrown eyes and a nice smile.
Together, they can help Sarah.
Setting (when/where the story takes place)
Well, Sarah Harland is in the prison, but she isn´talone, Hassan her current
boyfriend is in the prison too.
They were at the airportwhen the police found three tubes of toothpaste with heroin in
them. These tubs were in Sarah´s bag. They took her into a room and told her to take her
dress of, but they found nothing.
But if she did not, who did?
Many clues pointing to Hassan, maybe he do it to get money (Everybody knows that
heroin is one of the most expensive drugs), they both said that they didn’tdo it.
One day Anna Harland (Sarah´s mother) went to see her daughter to the prison, she told
her the truth,but not all the truth…
Sarah is pregnant, she is going to have a baby, so the rules change, they can´tkill a
mother whit her baby, that´s the law.
Anna was very surprised whit the news, but she helps her to caught the real culpable.
Some minutes later Anna went to talk with Stephen(the old Sarah´s boyfriend )and he told
her all the truth.
He was who put the heroin into her bag, but he wanted Hassan to die not Sarah. Anna
was so confused, she took him to the judge and he started to confess.Sarah and Hassan were free. They stayed in Australia for a days with Inspector Aziz, who
shows them his “beautifulcountry”.
The end

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