YARINA!! çok acil HANSEL VE GRETEL ingilizce ve modern versiyon lazım lütfen performans ödevi!!!!! yardımm!!!!! (bol puanlar verecem)

Bu soruyu Lanterngarden kullanıcısına sor...

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Once upon a time, around the times of level 5 water restrictions and solar panels in a suburb in the outer region of Brisbane, there were two children, Hansel & Gretel, whom lived with their very poor father and their step-mother.

Life was pretty much normal for the two siblings, however, lately, it was their step-mother who was destroying every bit of normality there was.

"Food! I must have food!" the step-mother screamed, in the midst of running around in circles and tearing her hair out. The woodchopper just wagged his finger at her, "No, dear. Remember what Jenny Craig said!" he reminded her.

"But…But…I want food!"

"Dear, if you want to loose that little bit round the stomach that you have been complaining to me about… Remember, it's all for the greater good."

"Duh, ever heard of 99 fat free?"

This stumped the woodsman; he scratched his head in consideration. "Well, I guess you're right then."

So the woodsman, grabbed his things and headed out into the woods to hunt for those 99 fat free goods, and yes…The step-mother assured him that they were in season.

However, every time the woodsman went out to find food, he always seemed to come back with logs. You see, every time he passed a tree while hunting, he couldn't resist the temptation to work on his axing skills and cut the tree down, he would then feel guilty that he had cut it down and wasn't going to use it, so he would take it home, his cart loaded up with logs, but no food.

Hansel was looking from his bedroom, which was at a safe distance away from his step-mother's ranting.

"Gret, Mum's going crazy again!" he complained to his older sister, Gretel. She was sitting on his bed, mobile phone in hand, listening to the person on the other line.

She then realised that Hansel was talking to her, so she removed the phone from her ear, "Sorry, Hans. I've just been on the phone to this guy who says that if I switch to a long distance carrier, I can save up to $100! How cool is that? And also…." She ranted on about this so called 'money saver carrier'.

Hansel ignored her, and turned back to the window that he spent most of his days looking out of.

"Hansel! Hansel! Are you listening to me?!" Gretel demanded.


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