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It’s a bord game.Two people can  play this game. There are 32 pieces; 16 white pieces for one player  and 16 black fort he other player.  Each  player  must move one piece at a time. They may think for a while about the move.The aim of the game is to capture the other player’s King. When one of the player loses the King, the game is over.

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BASIC RULES game of chess

Article 1: The Nature and Principles of Chess

1.1 The game of chess, square-shaped, 'Chessboard', on the playing of the order played between two opponents stones. Game starts the player with the white pieces. The move made rival parties 'fool-proof' dir.

1.2 The purpose of the two sides, according to the rules opponent's king is threatened to be avoided to keep a move. To do so by an opponent 'Mat' is done and win the game. The player, king threatened to drop, that would be threatened, and his opponent's king is not allowed to make moves. The king of the party who loses the game mat.

1.3 Shah reception is not allowed.

Article 2: Start Position stones on the board

2.1 The chessboard line 64 (8 × 8), and squares of equal squares alternately light (white) and dark (black) color. White chess board between two opponents on the right side frame to be placed in the corner.

2.2 Originally a party of 16 light-colored (white), the other party 16 dark-colored (black) has a stone. They are:

One black one white shah shah
One black and one white queen queens
Two white castle with two black rook
Two black and two white elephant elephant
Two black horse at two pieces of white
Eight white pawns eight black pawns

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