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Air Pollution
Urbanization, land use, deforestation transport industry
Public awareness public transport emission control
Water pollution and control
Urbanization, climate change, land use, deforestation transport industry
Cleaning the watershed basins, tap savings to increase public awareness yönetimiyeşil
Soil Pollution
Industrial wastes, acid rain
waste control
Climate change and natural disasters
Remarkable changes in climate conditions: heat waves, storms,
Compliance with public awareness
noise pollution
Urbanization, indifference to car use
Controlled urbanization, public awareness
Visual pollution
Unplanned urbanization billboards insensitivity
Green Touch-controlled urbanization, increasing public awareness
Solid waste pollution
Domestic, industrial and medical waste
Public awareness of waste control
Spiritual and cultural pollution
Selfishness, laziness insensitive apathy bad manners disrespect to flaunt dissatisfaction

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Solid, liquid and gas contaminants from various sources and of different amounts and in difterent periods of time are mixed up the soil, water and atmosphere and give harm to people. This is called pollution. Apart from air pollution, waTER pollution and soil pollution, there are noise pollution, radioactive pollution and visual pollution. Besides, the pollution results from the computers that become a part of every day life has also threatened our health Therefore we should not use them very often and leave them on stand by mode. We should not print every pages or texts. The noise pollution which results from transportation vehicles, entertainment equipments has permanent or temporary effects on people. It has bad effect son nevre system, blood circulation and muscle system. Air pollution which results from heating, motor vehicles and industry has increased respiratory diseases.

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