En İyi Cevap!

Good Aspects of the Internet
Research can be done
Useful videos can be viewed
friendships can be installed
You can find old friends and acquaintances
Strengthened social bonds
To learn new things
Learned from different cultures
Training can be
Art can be learned
Could contribute to the personal development
Source of homework for students
Won the habit of reading
Educational games played
Health information is available
Shopping can be done
Bank operations can be done
Operations can be performed on state institutions, etc..

Intenet Bad Aspects
Mental health or obtain the information
Entering sites causing harmful habits
Pornographic sites become habit-forming
Drinking, smoking, getting acquainted with the addictive substances, such as
Drugs fall traps
To be a victim of sexual abuse
Continuous loss of social life using the internet
One could then adapt to real life
Harmful to play games
Exposed to theft and so on via the Internet.


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