water is very important for our lives.because we can not live without water.we use water-saving...

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Can go for weeks without food, without water life possible., But the life of a few days without water sürdürebilir.Biyologlar "would not be life without water" they say. This is arguably the biological structure of human gerçeğidir.Antik age, doctors would treat patients with water. Water is the most ancient beauty supplies and the best natural medicine. Cleanses, refreshes, zindeleştirir, beautiful. So water the elixir of life.
Human body is 70% water, body thirst no more than 3 days dayanabilir.Su oluşmuştur.İnsan natural beauty at the same time gives us. Organs of the body is clear and important nutrients. Amounts of minerals and trace elements contained in the water which is vital for the building blocks of tissues and bones.