En İyi Cevap!

In our country and abroad, as well as in abroad can not promote good enough. Here's the proof: (i) more than 95% of the foreigners who came to Turkey for the first time as a separated surprised in a positive way! In other words, while exceeding their expectations in a country that faces created. Therefore, promoting the country abroad, far from reflecting the realities faced!! (Ii) the most widely-read books written about Turkey, not by citizens, the country written by outsiders! Again, many of the country to the world of values representing millions of citizens who did not even have to visit!! School books express what they are worth to others that our country, but we won the war, which at the time to teach you settle for!

Recognize ourselves enough, we did not invest abroad to promote a conscious information about our country, mostly foreigners historical "other" within the framework of description and / or who have problems related to Turkey are from the perspective of minorities in foreign countries. We have deep historical and cultural heritage of Anatolia in the historical rather than using as input to generate solutions for today's world we can not go beyond boasting tool.

Conclusion: In our country well enough recognized. "Turkey" itself, even in the SEE countries have much less wealth, is a brand with a value less than. Therefore, Turkey's EU membership, interest, investment attraction, tourism potential, the interest in our products, or even can not find the level of international respectability it deserves.

Two years ago, the National Quality Congress dealt with "as a World Brand" Turkey "" The subject of this year, Turkey Promotion Council will guide the approach to the establishment of the practice is gaining. There are important principles to stand on promoting our country.

First, a conceptual approach to the promotion of the country if necessary. This will build on the conceptual approach to promotion as a basis for determining the perceived need to pay attention to three points: (1) the concept based on the facts. In other words, to be successful introduction of Mevlana "See as you are, as you look" philosophy needs consistency. (2) Turkey's global perception of the concept clearly distinguishes features include create the highest added value for our country. (3) have been used by other countries yet to be selected concept. Thus, the approach is highly competitive showing in a way that make it easier to carve a niche in people's minds.

This concept of the "Turkey: to live, to learn, creative country", the main theme will be very useful to use.

First of all, look at the first principle to be true, which introduced the concept: to live country: Turkey's historical, cultural and human wealth can bring us a competitive advantage in this regard. Jews who fled from Spain 500 years ago, to be hosted, after the conquest of Istanbul by Fatih Sultan Mehmet The rights of those with different religions and cultures, and world renowned for their hospitality, our people are good examples of differences in the experience of living together.

Given the rising xenophobia in various countries around the world, the central feature of life in Turkey is gaining attractive for foreigners. Attractive and natural wealth has a Mediterranean climate, only for tourists but also for the quality of life of our country is an advantage.

Istanbul, has become one of Europe's richest cities with nightlife. Indeed, many international companies love to live in regional centers in Istanbul, Istanbul, transportation, and employees, the direction of our country's strong points.

To learn the country: in our country is really a very rich diversity of climate and living species. At a time when the world of natural products directed to investigate the benefits of this diversity and everyone connected with the establishment of health is one of the most important issues for attention in our country will increase. Similarly, the Anatolia has been home to many civilizations, to host the most important attractions of Christianity, shrinking and growing importance of the coexistence of different cultures and experience a world that contains many teachings of culture will increase the interest in our country. Today, the world is growing interest in Mevlana is a good example of it.


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