What are the benefits of the Internet   İnternet is a huge library of 1): can I search on any subject that comes to mind, resources, books, articles, comments.


the İnternet is a communication tool: the rest of the world 2) even if you're writing or a video, voice communications can be established. In the simplest example, messenger (msn, icq, etc.).


3) the İnternet is a tool for the media: Newspapers, journals, authors, internet news sites, news at hand. You can even listen to the radio, watch TV.


4 bankacılığıyla a virtual bank that is the İnternet): İnternet cash deposit, you can perform virtually all banking operations outside support.


5) is a virtual İnternet: State (public) will no longer be able to process several pictures over the internet from sites that can be realized. For example, pay a traffic ticket, information, reference, and learn your child's grades, exams etc. ..


6) through the virtual shopping sites on the İnternet we can think of a liquors: almost all kinds of things, or you can buy the material.

losses of the Internet


7) the İnternet is a tool for sharing: you can create your own personal site (blog) in a few minutes, everything you want to share, such as text, image, file, you can publish around the world. To make them not necessarily open the site, forums, social networks, or you can use for this purpose the sharing sites Children, pornography sites are allowed.Incompatible with image and information ages and development. Can be reached from the games due to excessive violence against duyarsızlaşabilir and apply what they have learned and violently. Gambling games can be inclined. By playing the games here can become a habit. Drug available and bvunları. The wrong people, and non-legal and healthy environments by them in these courses. Kandırılıp can be used. Staying at the computer for an extended period of time socializing in the direction of the problem. Staying at the computer for an extended period of time, the body still remains. Fizksel health issues.



1. Internet is a huge source for knowledge.


2. We can find anything in a seconds.


3. We can communucate with other people, easily.


4. We can shop from our houses. We can buy tickets for events or a shoe.


5. We can meet people from across the world.


6. We can easliy keep track of news, weather, current events.


7. With social media networks, we can follow celebrities, writers, politicans and we can even communicate with them.




1. It is hard to know which information is reliable.


2. Young kids can easily access materials which they aren't ready for.


3. People can get addicted to internet or online games. 


4. While making online shopping, or chatting with stranger we might be a victim of identity thieft. 


5. Some websites may include viruses that can harm our computer.


6. Some people are using internet to reach illegaly movies, books, games, etc.


7. İt makes people asocial.



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