En İyi Cevap!

8. Sayfa

4. Etkinlik

Hi, Maria,

How are you ? I'm fine . I've got a new flatmate. She is very strange. She has different hobbies and interests. She is a designer . She design funny hats.
Her day begins very late. She get up at 12 o' clock every day. She doesnt't have (not) breakfast, but shedrinks coffe. She likes coffe very much. She watchs
TV for 2 hours and then she has a large sandwich with two cups of coffe. She starts work at 3 o' clock in the afternoon. She works from home . She doesn't have (not) in an office. She finish work at 6 pm. She ..... DVDs in the evening. She knows everything about the famous films. That is her hobby. She goes to bed at 3 o' clock in the morning. I am not happy with her. What can I do

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