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Hem Some Hem de Any Lazım Olur!

They have some friends here. They don't have any friends here. Do they have any friends here?   She has some books. She doesn't have any books. Does she have any books?   He took some friends with him. He didn't take any friends with him. Did he take any friends with him?   There are some books in the room. There aren't any books in the room. Are there any books in the room?   I bought some new shirts yesterday. I didn't buy any new shirts yesterday. Did I buy any new shirts yesterday?  


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I'm afraid that mutual respect and self-discipline.. ...are absolute prerequisites|for any  

pupil in scholl

I fear your house will be searched in the next few days. I advise you to dispose of any incriminating papers.


It's no use running, we got you out of church. We'll get you out of any damn hole on this planet.

We're at a critical stage.Can't afford any mistakes.

Fabric refers to any material made through weaving, knitting, crocheting, or bonding.