Mabel matizin hayatı 
LifePrimary and high school educated Erdemli [3], university education has been part of the Dentistry Istanbul University between 2003-2008. [1] the years of childhood, in which he stated that the contribution of musical Erdemli spent a lot of sense. [3] virtuous' Elementary and high school education with the then university education in 2003 from Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry in 2008, graduating as a dentist Mabel Matiz, 2011, Istanbul Bilgi University, master's degree in human rights law, started training.
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Demet Akalin (born April 23, 1972, Izmit, Kocaeli), Turkish pop music singer, former model and actress. With the support of his mother began modeling course. During 1996-2004 she had loved albums and hits. Banane album released in 2004, the "door she must love" with the Kral TV Video Music Awards for "Song of the Year" award. [1] In 2006, the album had a perfect 19. Album has sold 147,000 copies, and was awarded the MU-YAP'tan gold. [2] Kral TV Video Music Awards in the same year, "I'm sorry" and "Best Pop Female Artist" and "Song of the Year" awards. [3] Official Turkey list "I'm sorry" and 7 weeks, and the album's second single, "Live like Everyone deserves" to be on the first week of 2006, the artist was at its peak for the longest time. Turkey Türkan song Music Awards 2013 "Best Song" award
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