Question WordFunctionExamplewhat asking for information about something What is your name?   asking for repetition or confirmation What? I can't hear you.
You did what? what...for asking for a reason, asking why What did you do that for? when asking about time When did he leave? where asking in or at what place or position Where do they live? which asking about choice Which colour do you want? who asking what or which person or people (subject) Who opened the door? whom asking what or which person or people (object) Whom did you see? whose asking about ownership Whose are these keys?
Whose turn is it? why asking for reason, asking what...for Why do you say that? why don't making a suggestion Why don't I help you? how asking about manner How does this work?   asking about condition or quality How was your exam? how + adj/adv asking about extent or degree see examples below how far distance How far is Pattaya from Bangkok? how long length (time or space) How long will it take? how many quantity (countable) How many cars are there? how much quantity (uncountable) How much money do you have? how old age How old are you? how come (informal) asking for reason, asking why How come I can't see her?

Question word 
Soru kelimesi
Asking about people.

İnsanlar hakkında soru sormak için

Who(m) do you like? 
Kimi seviyorsun.

Who studies Russian?
Kim Rusça çalışıyor?

Asking about things or activities.

Olaylar, kişiler, nesneler ve etkinliklerle ilgili soru sormak için What does he do at weekends? 
Haftasonları neler yapıyor? 

What is that?
O ne?

Asking to specify a thing or person from a number of things or people.

Birden fazla nesne ya da kişi arasından bir tanesini ayırdetmek için

Which book did you buy?
Hangi kitabı aldın? 

Which boy won the race?
Yarışı hangi çocuk kazandı?

Asking about possession.

İyelik hakkında soru sormak için

Whose car are you going to use?
Kimin arabasını kullanacaksın?

Whose jacket is this? 
Bu ceket kimin?