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Mustafa Kemal in 1881, which is a province of the Ottoman Empire, was born in Thessaloniki connected. His father Ali Riza Efendi and mother was. After losing his father at a young age guru Efendi School in Salonika primary school (elementary school) in the read. Rüştiyesi Thessaloniki Military education (high school) and Monastir Military Senior High School (High School) in the continued. In 1899, he entered the Istanbul War College and the rank of infantry second lieutenant in 1902, graduated from the Military Academy in the rank of staff captain in 1905.
Mustafa Kemal in 1905 Şm'da 5 Army in 1907, 3 in Macedonia Assigned to the Army. While working at the monastery in 1909 in Istanbul and Thessaloniki (31 March Incidents) took part in the Army and the rebellion was successfully suppressed the rebellion was quickly suppressed. Participated in the operation to suppress the rebellion in Albania. Posted Tobruk'a military landing on Tripoli by Italy in 1911. Turkish Forces in Tobruk and Derna after successfully directed the rank of Major in 1912-1913 participated in the Balkan War, Bulgaria, Edirne served corps back to the area. Found in the years 1913-1915 attache in Sofia. The First World War, in 1915, 19 Division Commander participated in the Battle of Çanakkale. Successfully stopped the enemy attacks at Gallipoli, "Anafartalar Hero" earned a reputation as.