It's all right, and when used in proportion to its function fully met. Recently, the Internet is there was a negative impact on children or teenagers. And conscious use of on-site, as long as I'm sure will be no harmful effects. Buddha is proportional to the structure of individual character. Internet access, unlimited knowledge of all kinds of right and wrong, is full of many writing and görselliklerle. Mistakes are always there. It will be. But, mistakes within the beautiful things in the right away, remove the most accurate. Wrong because of the things that are right under suspicion, leaving a noble way of thinking can not be.
Thanks to the internet, we find many access to information. People know the limits, as long as does not go beyond the limit. Is due to people coming out of the borders of other Internet users, information or visuality depriving a fair behavior can not be. Enough to appeal to each segment of the Internet today held a wide network of information and visuals. Just like a flower garden. All kinds of information like color and type of flowers are located.
S. their own point of view as soon as the positive aspects of the Internet. Conscious as a user. Here I observed on myself, I would like to talk about the positive aspects. To show a different side of some of the words I heard. But, first, I would like to explain the matter in the following. Alone and empty ears stuck a promise that people resort to the internet. Lonely or empty of people on the Internet, what you do not understand it are evaluated according to. Think of masses of people all over the world at the same time can use it. Among these, the elderly, children and young people, ie, people of all ages there.
Let us take for example the elderly. Non-elderly people living alone or have no one in the world. These alone. The loneliness, life entirely hand drawn, being soyutlamış status, or status in life not remain kimsesinin. Here it is! The concept of loneliness, how to use the internet has become uncertain. Phrase can be used in place of a meaning on a par with individuals from benefiting from the use of the internet koyulmamasıdır conscious. Next to the old people, young people and children should apply in this case. The only detail, always defended, like anything else, the conscious use. Therefore, only people in many parts of the world, I think to use the internet in the name of learn something. And I regret the fact that this is the meaning of such a word.
Thanks to the internet, I do not know a lot of information, so far I've lost track of my friends, I found my relatives. I was wondering, I learned many issues that can help the development horizon. About my job, the people and let them correspondence. Sometimes, on behalf of my soul to rest, looking at the picture of a nature with music or without music dinlendirmeme helped my body. Me where I want to emphasize a single, benefiting from the internet, but, do not come to work when the conscious individuals from using, under the accusation that the capacity of people to throw empty. There are many users who think like me. I know that. On behalf of those who think like that, that I wanted to share my thoughts. So, the mirror tell you that promise a twirl
Wrote a paper on the positive aspects of the internet already on my site. I hinted at this issue from a different direction. Now, I wanted to write about the negative aspects of the Internet. Their thinking, gözlemlediklerim, as a result of incoming calls and comments.
I want to tell the negative aspects of the Internet with his own thoughts. Today's Internet age, with improving technology is one of the largest mass media. As well as the benefits, hazards and mistakes are also available.
I use the internet on this subject, and I think that bothered me at first, but also for individuals with a particular culture, I want to share my point bothering.
Sexuality: This topic enters a normal life, such as the concept of private life, in the use of internet is undeniable, too large to be ignored include the concept of a moral.
Sometimes incoming calls to my website or on the internet when searching for something so weird and not the concept of morality that I run into words and sentences, customs and traditions come to the impression that we have lost.
Sexuality is a topic that is so powerful and so subtle nuances looking on the internet relationship with this great medium relatives and even family relationships that can lead to neck, or calls up to writing articles in today's society, people of all ages who use the Internet do not want to face up to an issue that can disturb, a case should be a taboo even.