Neymar Santos infrastructure in neymar2003 2009 football season was a professional and he began to work starting.

Lionel Messi and Neymar, karşılaşmasında.Bu 2012 World Clubs Cup match between Barcelona defeated Santos 4-0.
Neymar, the performance of 2010 season Manchester City, Inter Milan, Real Madrid began to attract the attention of many clubs. Neymar'ın big clubs, including Real Madrid and Chelsea are particularly representative in negotiations with Wagner Ribeiro.
Chelsea, accused of trying to seduce young star Neymar'ı Santos, refused to accept an offer lower than £ 30 million. Chelsea to Neymar insists his proposal is low due to the transfer did not happen.
Chelsea's £ 17 million in his first bid Santos who are not satisfied, the young player's contract termination fee of £ 30 million, which 'had been insistent. Black-and-white club, has been given a negative response to the proposal in negotiations Neymar'la Chelsea had also threatened to complain to FIFA. [1]
Brazilian soccer legend Pele and former team-mate Robinho and the Brazilian national team new coach Mano Menezes also reported negative opinion about Chelsea. Menezes, [2]