At your nearest branch of the bank where your account ID and can start withdrawals. If you want to withdraw money from the bank to instruct the behalf of the person you want to make the process a notarized power of attorney for this purpose it is required to be given. The other action you can take to withdraw money from the bank in the process of withdrawal with debit card. Debit cards, bank accounts allowing customers use cards. If you want you can also negotiated with the bank cards through ATMs this withdrawal, deposit, transfer, mutual fund making the investment fund, sell, access to information, such as credit card payments and credit card statement provided many facilities for you to process. However, all these procedures you need to know to make a strong password for your card. Debit cards are the easiest method that you can use to withdraw money from the bank. Wait in queue to withdraw cash at branches as well as the identity and the acknowledgment was forced to withdraw money from a bank machine only know the password for your bank card will be enough.