ı don't like swimming

ı dont like reading book

ı dont like riding a bicycle

ı dont like sleeping

ı dont like meat

she doesnt likes chicken

he doesnt likes eating tomatoes

she doesnt likes cooking

she doesnt likes eating chicken but ı like eating chicken

he doesnt likes riding a bicycle but she loves reading a book

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• Sam doesn’t know French.
• It doesn’t snow in Egypt.

• She doesn’t want to go to school this morning.

• My mother doesn’t watch football matches on TV.

She doesn’t study German on Monday.

• They don’t have breakfast every morning.
• I don’t get up early on Sundays.
• Mary and Jack don’t like ice cream.

The Olympic champion doesn’t come from Victoria.

don’t like computers at all.
don’t eat breakfast at 8.00 am.
We don’t go to the cinema every Friday.
Mr Bean doesn’t teach German in London.
don’t like spanish.
He doesn’t like fish.
I like English but I don’t like maths.
What do you like? I don’t want to live in Australia.

umarım yardımcı olabilmişimdir :))