+Have you got a plan after school, Bob? I want to go to the cinema. Do you want to come with me?
-I'd love to, but I can't . I have got a study group at school. All of us are from different classes. We come together and study one some subjects after the lessons.
+Oh, how nice! I have a study group, too. How often do you come together and study?
-We usually study on Wednesday. Every Wednesday we meet at the school garden, them we go to the classroom and study.
+Which sucjects do you study?
-All of them. Our teacher comes and helps us before we begin.
+Who is your teacher?
-Miss Johnson. Why don't you come with me?
+No, thanks. I have a study group tomorrow. Today is my free day. I raely have free time and I want to see that film very much.
-Why are you so busy? How do you spend a day?
+Well, I get up early in the mornings and I come to school. I study with my study group two times a week after school. I go to the gym three times week. -I take my dog for a walk every evening. We have dinner; I do my homework and go to bed.
+What do you do at weekends?
-My weekends are very busy, too. I get up at seven o'clock on Saturdays. I go to work with my father. I come back home six o'clock. I take my dog for a walk. Then, I watch TV and go to bed.
+What hat do you do in your free time?
-I go to the cinema or meet my friends. But I don't have much free time.
+Oh, yes! You really have a very busy life!




  • Eodev Kullanıcısı

Sen  : Are you coming to the party tomorrow?(Bu akşam partiye geliyormusun?)
Arkadaşın : I\'m afraid not.(korkarım hayır)
Sen   : How come? (neden peki, hadi ya, nasıl olur v.s.)
Arkadaşın:I wish I could but I have to visit my mother tomorrow.(arzu ederdim ama yarın annemi ziyaret etmem lazım)
Sen   : Well. That\'s alright(İyi.sorun değil)
Arkadaşın: Sorry. Maybe next time. (kusura bakma.belki gelecek sefer)

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