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Swimming as a sport is part of my life since childhood. My mother signed me up for my first swimming class. I started with such joy that it has become my passion. Swimming is performed solo so it requires internal motivation. While you are swimming, you are your own coach, when things go wrong and you fail, there is no one to blame, but you. You don’t have team mates, you can’t share responsibility. On the other hand, if you are strong enough to become a successful swimmer, you can take all the credits for it. And like everything else, this depends on love, as well. If you love what you are doing, it is certain that you will succeed whether it is a sport, a job or a hobby. Swimming is also a demanding sport. You need right equipment and an environment to start, let alone mental strength. But it is also the most rewarding kind; it is the only sport that makes all the body part works and it becomes unique with the healing power of water. 

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