Educational institution or organization running the students or adults, food / food technology in-house management and providing theoretical and practical training in the field of nutrition people.

Which is relevant to the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors, which age levels to impart the means by which groups of students, academic programs and related regulations are approved by the Ministry of Education.
Family and consumer sciences teacher, within the framework of this program,
- Is responsible for the training and years of daily lesson plans according to the level of the group, which makes
- Is responsible for workshops, laboratories, workshops and so on. maintains a continuous education as places are available. (If necessary tools and machines used in the maintenance and repair makes it simple.)
- Plan of the course hours allocated to it by following the students related to the field of knowledge, skills and attitudes that saves
- Assesses students' achievements, works to increase the success,
- Educational arm of students taking part in the capabilities developer arranges activities,
- Monitors the progress of students, helps to solve the problems,
- Space-related symposia, seminars, panels, followed by activities, advises interested parties to present their training programs,
- Current publications and documents related to the field ready to collect and archive,
- End of each year, during the year the product (if any) makes arrangements for the display of the exhibition,
- Tuition and participates in seminars at the beginning of the period,
- Duty in the days when the school acts to ensure order and discipline,
- Classroom teachers, students choose courses in the area and helps to provide management relations work.
- Vocational courses related to the field of education and training programs, annual and daily work plans, note book, exercise book, and polling plug, follow the form of student work,
- Course books, medical books, business and operations leaves, information sheets, a variety of professions related to the field of technical publications,
- Training equipment (projector, overhead projector, video, TV, video tapes, slides, computers, computer software, CDs, etc..)
- Weighing and measuring instruments,
- Laboratory equipment,
- Chemical substances and additives,
- Kitchen tools and utensils,
- Hob, oven, fridge,
Family and consumer sciences teacher, and both are related to the qualifications of the teaching profession should be.
Family and consumer sciences teachers who want to be;
- High level of general academic ability,
- Who are interested in social sciences,
- Review and keen on doing research,
- The attention to details,
- Clearly capable of transmitting thoughts to others,
- Can provide a good learning environment,
- Be careful, take care of business,
- Good at communicating with people, caring, tolerant, patient,
- The profession deals with problems and trying to find solutions,
- Students are able to understand the thoughts and feelings,
- You are willing to develop, enthusiastic,
- Entrepreneurial, creative
people need to be.

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