What is Internet?

Internet is an international network of computer networks covering. Consists of thousands of independent computer networks of different sizes and types. There are thousands of computers in each of these networks. In other words, the number of Internet users expressed in millions edilmektedir.Türkiye as a result of his studies first in the Middle East Technical University, on April 12, 1993 are connected to the Internet network ...
Benefits of the Internet.
Of information and communication technologies that can be used in educational settings, the Internet plays an important role. As the students in the school and classroom learning environments, such as home or Internet Café at least once in your environment and school settings that will be used to access the Internet comes from the educational technologies have raised at least expect to be at this level.
Here, the duty of educational system and educators working in the Internet infrastructure, establishing efficient than just teaching and learning environments, children's knowledge, skills and attitudes to be used as a learning tool to provide a positive influence. To do this, a new technological infrastructure, the integration of a new computer course, curriculum, and technology curricula are required.
Useful in educational settings, the use of the Internet can be performed in different ways.
1. Internet Literacy
For example, machine 19 students, a teacher in a computer lab machine and all the machines are connected to the Internet and basic skills taught students the basics of computer usage and therefore understand the basic use of the Internet to send e-mail, receiving, attaching files to e-mail, Internet In searching for information, addresses, identification, use search engines, chat, media use, news, basic information, such as membership lists included.
2. Making the Internet Information Search and Research
Students and teachers to use a step beyond basic Internet use traditional methods for ongoing lessons and assignments to respond to the needs of research and access to information. Here, outside of class hours for students and teachers about the course or courses deemed appropriate by the teacher during office hours prior to scheduled hours are individually connected to the Internet or a computer lab, student groups come and make use of the Internet connection. Basic Internet Use Basic Computer Applications or classes where students are taught to use the Internet information search skills need to be understood and well. Otherwise, lessons and assignments that require students to find the information useless when you lose. This information is accessed by the user in the laboratory on the Internet is output on the paper in the printer, and this information is used in

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