' Look, today, in the past, us 'sick' Most of those who are currently sick in bed, the oxygen tent. God give them the healings. Today, Turkey is a developing economy, growing economy, political stability, economic stability has reached the level all over the world will be an example. As a member of this country, an AK Party member of parliament, came to this country at the level of Turkey's Minister of Economy proud of you. We grew up with tales of other countries for many years. Us in the past, South Korea, Japan, Germany, spoke about the success. Praise Today, Turkey is one of the world's countries with economic success. Turkey is a developing, growing economy that we hope will develop more hope, more will grow. Currently, in our country there is a full 302 shopping center. We hope that next year the number will be 360. Today, shopping centers, retail sector, the volume of trade is brought closer to 350 billion Turkish liras. Employment of thousands of people, trade and production in Konya, Turkey has made important. Now, Konya, Turkey's booming economy is very important in developing a special place in coming.''

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