Although it is not development city in Turkey. Antalya is in the southern Turkey and it is popular with tourists. First of all , visitors to Antalya can find many things. Antalya is historical ,touristic and modern city so visitors can make many things.

Antalya have archaelogic and naturel beautys so people called it “Turk Riverası”. Sea, sun, history and magic of nature in harmony with the integrated Antalya, has the most beautiful and cleanest beaches on the editerranean.Tourists can find places that are difficult for humans to live in summer, because they are so hot. Also there are many tourists in Antalya, especially Russian tourists. You can see many peple in Antalya’s coasts at any time of summer. There are many hotels, when you enter the hotel  you see the most comfortable and luxurious things around you. Also Antalya has a log coast about 200 km.
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