A bit of history

* In the ‘olden days’, about when your dad’s grandad was a kid, there were no televisions, no video games, and not even many cars! People ate all their meals at home, or sometimes at another family’s home.
* fast foodAll the food was prepared at home, and often vegetables would be home-grown. Meat would be bought at the butcher’s shop, fruit and vegetables at the greengrocer’s shop, fish at the fishmonger’s shop and all the other foods and household needs at the grocery store. Bread could be bought at the bakery or often would be made at home.

* Going out to eat at a restaurant or hotel was something that didn’t happen very often, except on very special occasions for most families.
* When cars became more popular and cheap enough for most families to own, people could get about more and go for drives. They might have gone out for fish and chips or hamburgers for a special treat.
* drive-thru restaurantMany eating places such as roadhouses started to open, which would serve people who travelled around for their job. These eating places made meals cheap enough for a family to be able to afford to eat out.
* In the late 1940′s, ‘drive-in’ restaurants became popular with people in America who wanted to stop, eat in their cars and be on their way again. But sometimes this wasn’t a very fast service because everything was cooked and served in the same way as it always had been. Also, eating in your car could be a bit messy and the food might be too hot or too cold!
* The first real ‘fast food’ restaurants were ‘invented’ by the McDonald family in America.

So, what is a fast food restaurant?

The idea behind a fast food restaurant is to have an assembly line of workers all doing one little job, rather than one cook doing all the jobs.