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Ancient Cities
The first settlement in the plain BC Archaeological evidence of Bolu 3. dates back to thousand. The hills of the city center, which was established in the city of Bithynium-Claudiopolis Hisartepe excavation in 1978, according to the findings, BC 7. goes back to century. The Temple of Antinous excavations carried out over many years and belonging to the theater pieces, coins from various periods, containers, bottles, statues and funerary steles were found. These works are still in Bolu Museum. (Old Residential Area) District of Seben Rice Creek, which is connected and close to each other, mentor, Kaşbıyıklar and Slot villages along the deep valleys on the surface of the rock masses of rock a few floors found in homes. Gerede Örencik southeast of the village. Seen plenty of land around the Byzantine ceramics, show that the castle from the Byzantine period. In addition, the castle is a cave on the north-facing is also available.

The Great Mosque in Bolu (Yildirim Beyazit Mosque), Kadi Mosque, Sarachane Mosque, Imaret Mosque, Mosque Ilica, Ilica Mosque, Suleiman Pasha Mosque, Lightning Mosque, the Magnificent Mosque, Top Tekke Mosque, the mosque worth seeing eserledir Eskiçağa Lightning.

Slap-i Hayreddin Tomb, Akşemseddin Tomb, Tomb of Omar sekk, Down Tekke Tomb, Mausoleum of Kemal Ummi, November Dede Tomb, Tomb of Babahızır major.

Han and Baths
Located in the central district of Bolu Tashan Great Mosque, built in 1804 by Abdullah Aga. Was built in 1389 by Sultan Yildirim Beyazit. Bath with double bath in the style of the rich interior decoration. The city center. 16. Tavil century, was built by Mehmet Pasha. Two-section, the bath is covered with marble interiors. 16. Sokullu Mehmet Pasha was built by century-style double bath. In the city center in the district of Goynuk baths, built by Suleyman Pasha Gazi 1335'li years. Mudurnu bath in the district of the same name next to the mosque said. The most beautiful baths in the same period. 1382'de built. Is one of the most original examples of early Ottoman baths. Hammam portal and the dome is remarkable transitions. District of contemporary age is due to our city in the village of Old Ages. Yildirim Beyazit in 1388 on behalf of the bath, is an important work in terms of architecture. Crisp County neighborhood located in Gerede bath 14 century. made of stone rubble at the end.

Civil Architecture
"Urban Conservation Area" which has been declared as Goynuk, rich in old Turkish houses. Here, the houses of the 20th belongs to the early century. Some of the houses are decorated with various motifs living room ceilings. The houses are usually in front of the "Life" is also called the courtyards. Urban Conservation Areas are declared Mudurnu, is an important feature in terms of old Turkish houses. Which are similar in terms of architectural features of the Civil Goynuk homes, these houses reflect the history and culture of the county is protected.


34 km from Bolu Abant Lake. Abant Mountains southwest fed by the waters of a crater formed on gölüdür.Yeraltı.
Abant Lake surrounding area is rich in flora and fauna. The famous Abant trout in the lake at certain times of the year, paying a fee hunt. Suitable habitat for deer forests in the area of the environment. The forests around the lake rabbit, fox, coyote, wolf, bear, boar, roe deer, weasels, deer hunting animals such as hawk, falcon, hawk seen. Picnicking, camping, sports-fishing, hiking, boat, carriage, horse riding and ice skating in the winter, this nature park natural essential activity. Accommodation and food and beverage facilities are located around the lake. 13 km from Bolu. built as a set of artificial lake in the south. Pine and fir trees covered with snow at the bottom of the lake surrounded by magnificent view. Guest house on the edge of the lake with the Ministry of Forestry has a rustic nightclub. The lake and the surrounding forest as a place of rest under the supervision of the Western Black Sea Regional Directorate of National Parks. 10 km from Bolu. west. Bolu made plain for irrigation purposes. Carp and trout, which are surrounded by woods. Because of the proximity to the city center and ease of access by those who want to picnic and fish with a fishing rod is very convenient. Bolu - Ankara highway, in the city center Yeniçağa lake, lake in a bowl. The lake and fish with a fishing rod. Mudurnu'ya 35 km. within the lake, and karamurat Akyazı to the side of the road close to the village. There are pike and tench. Goynuk 11 km. North. The Edge bar in the village, surrounded by beautiful carp and trout fishing on Lake rod covered with pine forests and hunting is permitted. Mudurnu - Akyazi road 9 km. away. 50 km from the town of Mudurnu. away from the lake, in the protected area of National Parks. Unspoiled nature and a rich flora is remarkable. Abant lake brown trout, rainbow trout and red-spotted there. Goynuk 27 km. east. Superb beauty of the lake, which is very tasty, coral and trout. Catching fish with fishing allowed. Accommodation and food and beverage service in the lake that circumcision is a facility is located. Around the lake, picnicking, hiking, jogging and cycling are able to make. Kıbrısçık - Beypazari Karagol on the way, a very deep lake. Kıbrıscık'a 20 km. Around the lake, camping can be done entirely forested. Due to the existence of wild ducks is frequented by hunters. Karagöl Festival is held every year at the end of May. 10 km from Bolu. south, on the way to Mudurnu travertine, Bolu, as the Pamukkale has a spectacular beauty. Akkayalardan a different taste of the mineral water and 20 º C temperature, and consumption of bottled and offers modern facilities.


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