A Success Story


9-year-old her child to a Japanese judoka's biggest dream is to be a very good one day. But it totally loses his left arm as a result of an unfortunate traffic accident.
Yikilir.Ailesi both the child and family, the most famous teachers of the Japanese as a purely one child amounts of steam around in circles. Direct income support arms sivar can do with one arm movement teacher teaches only throw.

Night and day the movement of the child while the child is fine, but this movement çalisirlar.Bir and quickly begin to make the same motion for hours every day, but almost memorize Direct income support teacher.

Children want and mentor to learn new moves in this movement, this movement are tightened and the fastest in the world and the other the work of the movement until the person tells ögretmeyecegini.

After a while alisir.Bunun to children on the move with lightning speed, plus Direct income support teacher says it is time to join a tournament.

Will not everything. A single arm judoka who join the tournament in one motion. Children's appeal as the teacher, "Son, you do not worry about yapgerisini learned movement," he preachs.

1. round 2 very comfortable saying children's tours through tour. Finally, comes the finale. One child from moving to the finals with knowledge of the region's best judocusudur the final opponent.

Children afraid of the sight of the giant massive opponent. Teacher still quiet "son, you're the only one in the world in this action make your own game enough," he says. Children's opponent with lightning speed, uygularrakip their movement wears off, repeat the same movement. Can not believe it has been champion of children with one arm through a single act.

Children bear, and his teacher asks: "Sir, I can not believe how I've been champion" he says.

Tell the teacher referred to relax again answers: "This is my son's first judo victory in the most difficult movements, one of the two secret yapabilmendir very good.

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As a young girl, Tasha Oldham was captivated by her father’s ability to tell fantastic stories.  After years of working in the television and film industries for the likes of David Lynch and the Travel Channel, it was thinking back to her father that inspired her to launch her dream business.  Through the creation of My Story, Inc. Tasha has taken her award-winning documentary film talents, and repurposed them to allow ordinary people living extraordinary lives to tell the world…through film. 

My Story creates unique documentary style, biography based “advertorials” of entrepreneurs, social activists and Fortune 500 companies.  The goal of telling the stories of these visionaries is to connect their brands to their consumers in an honest and engaging way.  In addition to signature My Story films, the team also services a wide array of video production needs, including TV commercials, live event production, testimonial reels and how-to videos.

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