How many dogs are there in the field?/ There are four.

How many girls are there in the room?./There are eight.

How many aeroplanes are there in the sky?./There are seven.

Hw many glases are there on the tray?/There are eleven.

How many eggs are there in the basket?/ There are twenty.

How many ships are there on the river.?/There are three.

How many suns are there  in the sky?/There is one.

How many women are there in the shop.?/There ate two.

How many ships are there  on the sea.?/ there are four.

How many cats has mary?/She has two cats.

How many teeth has the boy?/He has one tooth.

How many feet has the man?/he has one foot.

How many feet have ı?You have two feet.

How many windows has the house?/ıt has five windows.

How many radios have  they.?/ They have two radios.

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are there many people in the pool?

yes,ther are alot of people in the pool

have you got much chocolate

yes,I have 

is there much meat in the fridge?