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The most ancient historians Herodotus Babylon to be able to describe, MO. 450 years; “known on earth the splendor of all the other cities of Babylon,” beyond the words used.According to the information of Herodotus; the length of the outer walls of the city around 80 km and width of 25 meters. The car is 97 meters and heights that you can easily visit the 4 horsemen in the form. When is entered inside the walls, the colossal statues made of solid gold, castles and temples emerges.
Very famous in the heart of the city include the tower of Babel. The reason for making the God Marduk the tower to get to go to heaven. Is said to have reached the top of the tower to heaven.The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, due to lack of contemporary sources about enough information in this structure it is not only a poetic work that it is actually real there are discussions on the direction. To date, no archaeological findings that this structure has not been reached. However, archaeological evidence about the Hanging Gardens of Babylon on the Euphrates River to obtain under expected.

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