You are very tired, you 


 have a holiday.


Çok yorgunsun, tatile gitmeni tavsiye ederim.I have a cough, what 


 i do?


Soğuk aldım, ne yapmalıyım?You 


 go to a course to learn English.


İngilizce öğrenmek için kursa gitmeni tavsiye ederim.You are very tired, you 


 have a rest.


Çok yorgunsun, dinlenmelisin.
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En İyi Cevap!

*You look tired. You should go to bed.
*You broke her heart. You should apologise
*My salary is very low. I should look for a better job.
*Tekin’s room is not very interesting. He should put some pictures on the wall.
*You are overweight. You should go on a diet.

*The kids shouldn’t spend so much time in front of the TV.
*I don’t think you shouldn’t smoke so much.
*I shouldn’t worry if I were you. You have worked really hard.
*You shouldn’t drive without a seat belt. It is dangerous.
*You shouldn’t be so selfish.
*You shouldn’t throw these things away. One day you may need them.

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