Air pollution, adversely affect the health of animals and / or foreign substances in the air that make up the material damages, the amount and intensity reaching the above normal.
In other words, air pollution, air, solid, liquid and gaseous impurities of human health, to harm living life and the ecological balance of the amount, intensity and duration of the presence of the atmosphere. Caused by a variety of people activities that occur during the production and consumption activities Polluting waste air layer, life on Earth is adversely affected.

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Environment; sürdürdükleri and mutual relations of people and other living things interact with during their lifetime in which the physical, biological, social, economic and cultural environment. In other words, the environment, there is an organism with the environment or living conditions and the earth has been there first.

  But it is possible to maintain a healthy life with a healthy environment. Environmental problems in a relational system and the emergence of the environmental degradation, human-induced factors often alters the natural balance has started. Based on a variety of human life balance. Formed by the chain rings that make up the natural balance of the human environment are breaks the chain will affect all, and the environmental problems it causes a deterioration of the balance is. The main problems faced by the people for the environment can be summarized as follows:
Air, water and soil pollution and a significant portion of each day is increasingly becoming available,
In particular it has become uninhabitable due to environmental pollution metropolitan and industrial areas,
Ozone layer depletion,
The Earth to warm up gradually,
Increased cancer and related diseases,
Rapid depletion of natural resources.
What is Pollution?

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