İzmir's cuisine has largely been affected by its multicultural history, hence the large variety of food originating from the Aegean, Mediterranean and Anatolian regions. Another factor is the large area of land surrounding the region which grows a rich selection of vegetables. Some of the common dishes found here are tarhana soup (made from dried yoghurt and tomatoes), İzmir köfte, keşkek (boiled wheat with meat), zerde (sweetened rice with saffron) and mücver (made from zucchini and eggs). Boyoz and lokma are Turkish pastries associated with İzmir, the first prepared for commercial purposes and the second to commemorate the deceased. Kumru is a special kind of sandwich which associated particularly in Çeşme and features cheese and tomato in its basics, with sucuk also added sometimes.


IZMIR meatballs

After the meat thoroughly döğüldükten onion juice, salt, pepper and other spices, bread crumbs and egg yoğrulur.Köfte to shape, put tomatoes in oil kızartılır.Üzerine pişirilir.Sıcak served.

The priest stew

Konur.İçine beef chopped onion in a pot of soil, all of eight to ten units garlic, salt, pepper, cumin and vinegar edilir.Hiç put into water vapor will not quit lid on the pot tightly closed and cooked.


Yoğrulur.Haşlanmış minced meat and onions mixed with rice, when it comes into ovulur.Macun eggs, parsley and salt Cover with edilir.Üstü After resting for a while, deep-fried.

Rice and Tomato Soup

Grated tomato, butter and put a little water in pişirilir.Birkaç yeterlidir.Et butter a tablespoon of tomato, boiled then threw a little salt into the rice salınır.Fındık meatballs the size of the tray sprinkled flour dim, then released into the boiling water and cooked rice.