A culture is only as healthy as it woods. 
Act like you live here. 
Bharat me ped lagaohara banao 
Bikes not bombs 
Bumper Sticker: "America is full of selfish gasholes!" 
Desh ko unnti ke shikher par lao 
Don't be mean Go green 
Don't waste water. 
Earth allows you to stand. Let it stand the way it is. 
Earth Day Every Day 
Earth isn't disposable. 
Earth needs YOU. 
Easier saving paper than planting trees. 
Eat Sleep Recycle 
Embrace the green revolution 
Every day is Earth Day 
Every time history repeats itself the price goes up. 
Get off your ass and save on gas! 
Give a toot. Don't pollute! 
Go green or go home 
Green doings brings green rewards 
Green is my favorite color 
Green Queen 
Green revolution the best solution to arrest pollution 
How about you? 
I am a friend of nature 
I brake for litter 

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*You look tired. You should go to bed.
*You broke her heart. You should apologise
*My salary is very low. I should look for a better job.
*Tekin’s room is not very interesting. He should put some pictures on the wall.
*You are overweight. You should go on a diet.
*I think the government should do something with the economy.
*You should never speak to your mother like this.
*I think you should try to speak to her.
*My back hurts. I should go to a doctor.
*Exam is tomorrow. You should study for it.
*It is raining outside. You should take your umbrella.
*It is getting cold. We should go home.
*I will visit Onur today.
It is a good idea. But you should phone him first.
*We should return the video before the video rental store closes.
*People with high cholesterol should eat low-fat foods.
*You should focus more on your family and less on work

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