İrem:Hello.I'm .... . I am coming from .............. school.Can I ask you some questions?
Mr Mehmet: Of course.You can ask me.
İrem: Can you introduce yourself?
Mr Mehmet:I was born in 1891.I'm eighty-nine years old.I was married.I had got two children.My wife died.I lived with my children and grandchildren.
İrem:Where were you living when the war started?
Mr Mehmet:I was living in Çanakkale.
İrem:When did you join the Turkish army?
Mr Mehmet:I joined when I was 28.
İrem: Did you make any preparations before going to war?
Mr Mehmet:Yes,I did. My wife prepared the foods and clothes.
İrem: During the war,how did you feel ?Could you tell me briefly?The war was never scored of me.
Mr Mehmet: I loved my country so I did my to defend my country.I fought like a hero in the war.
İrem: Have you ever met M.Kemal Atatürk?
Mr Mehmet:Yes,I saw him during the war.Because he was our commander.
İrem: Thank you for your information about war.
Mr Mehmet: Not at all.
İrem: See you soon.
Mr Mehmet :Goodbye

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