The origins of the Democratic Party, young Turks in Congress in 1902. Young Turks in this Congress, a liberal with strong advocates of central authority of management in the form of two advocates. The first group took the name of the Committee of Union and progress, led by Ahmet Riza. The second group gathered around and created the Ottoman Prince Sabahattin Fırkasını Ahrar. Committee of Union and progress of World War I, and then during the war of independence, beginning the first group in the PARLIAMENT, and later at the very end of the daCumhuriyet people's Party, the people's Party. The second group, after the Declaration of the Republic with the Ahrar, liberty and Entente Progressive Republican Party and Republican party by partileşti.Here is founded in 1946 at the end of this second group, the Democratic Party was born in the nüvelenmiş. Progressive Republican Party and Republican party, yet the Republican revolutions to occur in democratic life full sitting with nothing are they part of and on around the pages.[1]


İn my opinion Turkey hasn't got democration because people can't say their thinks and their emotions easilly.