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NAME: Arab Republic of Egypt



PRESIDENT: Hosni Mubarak


AREA: 1020000 km2

INDEPENDENCE: United Kingdom

Currency: Egyptian pound (EGP)


GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION: North African countries, Egypt, northern Mediterranean, the Red Sea and the East Palestine, South Sudan, Libya, surrounded by the west. Katerina located in the highest point of Mount Sinai (2637 m.) Is. The most important river in the Nile River. Only 4% of the rest of the territory of desert farming area. An important part of the land is suitable for agriculture, the Nile valley. The Nile empties into the Mediterranean Sea, which is located at the Mediterranean coast and the capital, Cairo, the annual average temperature is 21.09 degrees, average annual rainfall is 42 mm., Respectively. However, at the junction of the Mediterranean coast and the Sinai of Egypt, Port Said Yarımadası'yla real derece/173 mm, the ratio was 2.21., Respectively.
RELIGION: Islam the official religion. 91% of the population are Muslims. The remaining population-based orthodox Coptic Christians (Copts have a faith different from other Churches), of Greek origin Orthodox, Maronite Christians of Arab origin who had settled in Egypt and several European countries are Catholic and Protestant Christians. Almost all of the majority of Sunni Muslims, Shafii, Hanafis, a significant part.

ENERGY: in Egypt, in 1991, 40 billion 460 million kw / hours of electricity produced. This figure is equal to the electricity consumption of the same year. Electrical energy is 75.5% of the thermal power plants, 24.50% 's are derived from hydroelectric power plants. Average per capita annual electricity consumption 754 kW / hour.
DIRECTIONS: Capital Cairo airport open to international traffic include 2 pcs. Apart from these, eight airports across the country are used in internal traffic. Suez, Port Said and Alexandria, a major port of export and import are used. In addition to these many cities in the Red Sea and the Mediterranean coast and the port is available. 445 100 gross tons ship can carry on Egypt, 8831 km. 'Of the railway, 45.500 km.' Has a road network of. Decreased an average of 40 people a motorized means of transportation in this country.
EDUCATION: in Egypt, the first-primary and primary education starts at age 6, the secondary school (middle school and high school) lasts for six years. 15 000 primary schools, general secondary education institution in 6600, 550 vocational secondary education institutions. 75% of primary school-age children can benefit from this instruction. Egypt 14 universities, 6 colleges, 26 research institutes are available. Which is quite a long history, a symbol of Egypt's al-Azhar University. Today, however, this university has lost its former status and level greatly. There are educational institutions at all levels within al-Azhar. The rate of college-age young people registered at the university in Egypt is 20%. Of those over 25 years of age 4.2% saw higher education. The literacy rate is 49%
HEALTH: Egypt 1600 hospitals, 33 530 doctors, 6,000 dentists, 50,000 nurses are available. 1700 people fall a doctor.

Egypt, North Africa's most populous country, although the republic form of government. Sinai Peninsula is part of the Asian continent with the size of the 1.02 million km ², has a floor area of. Libya in the west, south and north Sudan has a land border of Palestine and Israel. Mediterranean to the north of Egypt, located in the east coast of the Red Sea. Ancient civilizations and historical monuments as well as renowned and one of the countries which attracts people.
Economy, tourism and the world's exports of textiles made with the best quality long-fiber cotton based.
At the beginning of the most interesting places of the country along the Nile is defined as one of the world's three most important civilization of ancient Egypt Aswan seeing the temples up to the ship's tours. Established on both banks of the Nile in the shopping source for cities to create markets that can provide local traditional products.
Ethnic structure, approximately 91% of the people of Egypt are Arabs. Arabs, 91.5% Muslim, and the rest Christians. The second important element of ethnic kıptilerdir 7% of the population. All Christians Copts. Copts have their own special language. However, today there is no longer speaking and Copts Coptic Arabic is spoken. The remaining population of European Christian ethnic groups, Nubiyalı, Beja, Albanian, Berber Muslim ethnic elements from different backgrounds are as.

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Egypt is an Arab country republican. Consists predominantly Muslim Arabs. Capital Cairo. The country's president, Mohammad Mursi'dir. If the country's prime minister Kemal Ganzuri'dir. Egypt, the Egyptian People's Assembly is the legislative body.

The population of North Africa's largest country. A large part of the population is settled along the Nile River. The Mediterranean and the Red Sea coast of Egypt in the west of Libya, is located in the south of Sudan. Egypt, Sinai Peninsula is part of the Asian continent on the borders with Palestine and Israel. Egypt, the Nile River, the waters of the Mediterranean Sea outfalls. Is a country located in the Middle East is the cradle of civilization. Country covering 1,010,000 square kilometers of land and 2012, has a population of nearly 90 million estimate.

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