I was watching television WHEN he called me (O beni aradığı zaman televizyon izliyordum)

WHEN it started raining, we were waiting for bus (Yağmur yağmaya başladığında otobüs bekliyorduk)

WHEN she saw me, I was going to the cinema with my friends (O beni gördüğünde, arkadaşlarım ile sinemaya gidiyordum)

She was driving Ankara, WHEN she had an accident (O kaza yaptığında, Ankara'ya gidiyordu)

WHILE I was going to the school, I saw my uncle (Okula giderken, amcamı gördüm)

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when are you going to do?

when will you help me?

when this will finish?

when i can go?

when we will meet?


while i was sick, i slept at home.

i'll be out of town for a while.

my mom called me while i was watching tv.

i hit my arm while walking to kitchen.

i cut my finger while i was cutting carrot.


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