Aşağıdakini çevirip boşluğa ne gelmesi gerekeni bulana 20 puan SAÇMA ŞEYLER YAZANI ŞİKAYET EDERİM !! GOOGLE'DAN ÇEVİRMEYİN... Writing a story, a poem or song is not as difficult as most of us think. If you want to write ______ first of all;you have to set the scene. We should imagine that we are looking at a big picture.we should try to describe the picture; the place, the weather the people and the feelingsThen,put the events in a logical order. The last and the foremost , while you are telling the story in the order of events , try to raise curiosity of the readers. If you keep readers'curiosity up until the end, you are doing well. There must be lots of questions to be answered in different ways. don't give them the answers in the first hand. It's just like a game . Hide the secrets. Don't forget only you know the truth and make them know at the end...




orası some olabilir bak bi doğrumu ????

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