Smet İnönü (September 24, 1884, İzmir - December 25, 1973, Ankara) during the Ottoman era colonel, Turkey during the four-star general and former Chief of General Staff of the republic after the proclamation of Turkey's first prime minister,  the second president, a medal winner soldier and politician . After Atatürk's death became President of the CHP to him by Congress "National Chief" title is given. Mevhibe lady's husband, Omar İnönü Erdal İnönü and Ozden Toker's father.İnönü, joined the Independence War and the Treaty of Lausanne signed off, several times prime minister üstlenmiştir.1925-1937 between the 12-year uninterrupted prime minister is the duration, although a total of 16 years and 4 months in Turkey with the history of the republic's long-term prime minister has done is the person . 
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Join enormous success are not bestowed on anyone . Ismet Pasha stood in front of the statue of success should be three meals are placing a wreath I'll write a few of them :

- A gift to the Aegean islands greece , ( including those in the tip of our nose )

- Atatürk brought to the finishing point of Kirkuk, Mosul region to Britain to leave ,

- Atatürk's shut down of the Masonic lodges , Armenian, Greek and Jewish minorities again for the opening of school ,

- The Republic of Turkey to the United States for the first time to charge ,

- " If you do not come to power by elections , get up early coup " to institutionalize tradition ,

- At the ballot box to be hung on the gallows can beat his opponent ,

- South American model of democracy (!) To import the concept of turkey ,

- Almost all children in the Americas with the state's money to be studied ,

- Drago Demirağ kapattırıp air france aircraft from factories to order ,

- Adnan Menderes astırıp Suleyman Demirel to haunt someone like turkey 60 years .

- Never happened in the history books as real wars to print " front first and the second front of the war )
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aircraft factory at making a pot plant .
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adnan meanders are accomplishments that can not be rivaled by .. *

(see : Adnan Menderes accomplishments )
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deed even today is still kept in the Aegean island republic of turkey does not belong to us who thought that the high school to educate the ignorant writers
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Even after 70 years " mentality to Cehapeeee " he Tayyip is that you can still get votes . Already today, gasoline, electricity to basic foodstuffs there is the hand of all fuel level is the reason why Ismet Pasha . Allah's leave, like the man he can not break anyone's cehap Tayyip Erdogan 70 years to 15 pounds of meat to break mentality , 2-3 pounds of fuel and all other products and goods will draw on the achievable level .

Also the permission of Allah like the man he Tayyip Erdogan caused by Ismet Pasha you will also resolve istanbul TRAFFIC . illegal construction in Istanbul and other big cities , immigration, theft and many others are also mağrifeti Ismet Pasha . They also Tayyip Erdogan will fix something after 10 years .

Dislikes Tayyipçi being stupid because of my justification is that we have become even defend Ismet Pasha . There was worse to worse EEA .
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