Television people you yield when heated. Television may cause obesity stay for hours in front of the still. Radiating rays from the screen when creating an imbalance, leptin and ghrelin causes fat to accumulate hormonlarda. According to research by the University of Liverpool, on food and beverage ads, not junk food children% 134 percent. This is another factor that can cause obesity.


* Cut down on the spread of Tv everywhere there are security controls, even hormonal imbalances that occur because of melatonini in DNA as a result of cancer may even bring changes.


* Long term adversely affects the immune system of people watching television.


* Enter adulthood, Children may cause early.


* Leads to Sleep problems.


So far, only those losses that may occur as a result of the research, what about the other losses of the TV!


* The people on television is just around the corner, attempting to return to the hayallari what about labor spending aspirations programs?


* Seviyesiz inappropriate television programs, news, sexuality, violence affects children's development of the publications with very negative, negative behaviors sevkettirmekte the people, society, and values of the community zehirlemektedir.


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Television’s Impact on its Viewers
Problems arise abundantly in almost every situation, and solutions are even more scarce. To find one great solution to a pressing problem of contemporary society is difficult, yet not impossible. Americans are plagued by the influences of television day in and day out. It is one of the main constants in many individuals lives, while grabbing the attention of families in ninety-eight percent of America’s homes and is kept on for an average of six and a half hours every day (Cheney 2). Perhaps there isn’t a problem so much in the fact that so many people have this mysterious box on for periods of time, but rather the problem lies in the way the viewer interprets the program that is being presented to them. How much control does the viewer really have over what programs they watch and when? How can a viewer monitor their viewing as well as their children’s in a manner that will benefit them both? And what is the solution for those who watch television for hours on end, giving up employment, schooling and other important duties? These questions will be addressed throughout the course of this paper, along with the best possible solutions that I have conjured up for such a controversial topic. DEVAMI AŞAĞIDA (www.odevindiryap.com her türlü ödevlerinizde yanınızda..)

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