my name is emine


I'm like play basketboll

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En İyi Cevap!

My name is Menice and surname İs YASİN!
I want to introduce me and my family to you!
I’m 13 years old and my lenght is 145 cm.
I was born at 1991 in komurtas village and I’m living same village.
My fahter is a farmer and my mother is housewife.I have 3 brothers too.I love my family and they love me too.I’m a student and I’m going to primary school.My favorite lessons are turkish gramer and mathematics.I want to succesfull all my lessons but I’m not succesfull.İf I had a studying room I may be succesfull.I‘m watching tv and reading stories After my lessons.I watch tv but I don’t like movies.Especially I’m reading Quran too.
I don’t like eating so much and be fat.But my family likes fat bodies and me.I’m fatt too.I like eating bitter pepper and I eat so much.Especially I like drinkig tea.I’m drinkig 10 tea in a day.I’m brushing my tooths after per eat.
I Like very much summers.I enjoy going to picnic in summer. Often I’m going to picnic with my family in summer.All together like picnicI like trees,flowers and grass too in summer.I’m sleeping on my house’s roof and watching stars.
I love my village and friends in this village.I love friends in school too.Everytimes All together trip in countryside.
I hate naughty boys, get up early and long nails. 

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