1 July 3rd, 1954 Sezen Aksu (then with the last name "Lightning"), Denizli Sarayköy'ünde doğdu.Anne and his father was a teacher. Three-year-old moved to Izmir. Shree growing up with an interest in all branches of art, painting, theater, dance lessons, while the Faculty of Agriculture opted for higher education. In the same years the subjects Izmir Izmir Radio Artists Association of artists of radio inputs and four consecutive years, two-year intervals for a period of six years, he studied Turkish Art Music.

Z iraat half, leaving the professional education faculty began şarkıcılığa. The mid-1970s, with songs like Do Not Shadow star flashed. He composed most of the songs their own. Some of them also wrote the lyrics. I have tried for the first time in 1979, film acting.

M lowered Serce (Sezen Aksu, the name of the deceased journalist Yavuz Gökmen wears a tiny sparrow.) Acting talent has pointed out, Thousand Years Ago Thousand Years Sonraadlı müzikallerdeki you cry, Go Back, Mountains Mountains solidified its reputation as the songs. Next Jump cassette took the top spot. Turkish pop singer Sezen Aksu is the most powerful voices, Askin Nur Yengi, Sertab Erener, Levent Yüksel, Tilbe featured singer at one time, such as pop music has given young people have done.

U d most painful event of his life two times evlendi.Sezen Aksu was lost friend. Space heparin and Onno Tunç to leave this world, little sparrow lying açsada difficult to cover wounds still continues to fly.

Working in the field since 1975 Sezen Aksu is a Turkish pop music, has scored more than three hundred words and compositions.

"A Skin Tone" known as Sezen Aksu, occasionally tries to marry the boundaries of love. Currently single and has a son.

S oppressor Aksu cassettes: Sparrow, Crying Is Beautiful, Turquoise, you cry, Go, Shree Aksu'88, Sezen Aksu Sings, Smile, crazy girl Ballad, Dream Gardens, Light from the East rises, Wedding And Funeral, Love and Title I of Embedded