Shams-i Tabrizi (1185 - 1247)

Shams-i Tabrizi, who was born in Tabriz in 1185 the original name of the Maulana Muhammad. Dad was the son of someone in the name of his son Ali Malik and Azeri Türklerindendir. Shamsuddin nickname that religion has been called the sun.

More remarkable abilities at an early age in which he studied the spiritual Shams, after he studied religion, the young age of Tabriz Sellaf'a disciple Abu Bakr became his reputation was trying to get inspired, and therefore all the famous sheikhs circulated realm realm. This is due to gezginliğinden him, "Shamsuddin somersault" flying Şemsed was called religion, sect Pioneers in Tabriz, and the truth Arif also called "Kamil-i Tabrizi" gave the name.

Later, Sheikh Secaslı Rüknettin, Mahmoud Salah al-Din of Tabriz with the great scholar and father Kemal became a disciple of the famous Sufi Necmüddin Kübra'nın Centli caliphs was inspired from them. Hz. Prophet Muhammad (saas) morals sample area Shamsuddin-i Tabrizi, has been in a constant quest, a spiritual sign of the Prophet on. Called Mevlana found. The world, do not give importance costume and clothing Shams, Rumi as a result of the tie with three-three and a half years has been instrumental in opening new horizons in his life, his divine love melting pot, kamil has been successful in making a lover of Rights.

Teferruatıyla as previously described, in Rumi hazmedemeyenler big change occurred, it became Rumi ebediyeyen cause separation. Was martyred in 645 AD, 1247 Hijri on Shams, or as it comes, without telling anyone, nobody knows Konya is abandoned.

This day is known as the seat of Konya, Shams, the public, and in particular that of previously visited the tomb of Mevlana mosque-mausoleum Mevlevilerce the existing sarcophagus, a coffin is empty, or the Leader Mehmet Bey ", as described in a memory of, Shams indeed buried in here, this also known. He is known that the true God, you live in the heart of the parents.

Kesikbaş is attributable to the tomb in Nigde Sem. Apart from these, called the cemetery be started in Tabriz, Hoy'da, Multon in Pakistan Shams are shrines or authorities. They are decorated with various rumors. According to what you say Pakistan'lıların Shams, Konya, separated by a midnight secretly, first came to India and then to Tabriz, Multon deranged and distraught after wandering in the forests for years, has died.